Saturday, December 26, 2015


GHOST TOWNS OF ALBERTA POSTER IN BLACK. “This part of the country seems to have all hell for a basement, and the only trap door appears to be in Medicine Hat. And don’t you ever think of changing the name of your town. It’s all your own …” So said famous author Rudyard Kipling, who had a somewhat unusual view of Alberta! Edmonton artist Nigel Hood took his words and used them at the bottom of his Ghost Towns of Alberta posters. “Ghost towns,” he says, “are towns that once had a considerable population, that have since dwindled in numbers causing some or all its businesses to close. The reasons? Either due to the rerouting of a highway, train tracks being pulled, or exhaustion of a natural resource.” Many of Alberta’s ghost towns exist as a result of a number of failed coal mining operations in the area during the early 20th century. This 15” x 22” screen print, in black, pays homage to those towns. It features 80 logos, crests, symbols and word marks created for these fallen towns over the course of 80 days. (A white version of this print will also be sold in this online auction.) The print is unframed, allowing you to frame it the way you want. It will look amazing matted and framed, and hung in an Alberta family room or living room. A perfect gift for anyone interested in the history of our great province. This print sells for $40 in Nigel’s Etsy shop. To see more of Nigel’s work, visit: Thanks Nigel!

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