Sunday, January 8, 2017


LEGO SET. We would like to thank Jackie Cunningham and her family for donating this totally rad Lego set! Not only did the Cunninghams donate this item, they also donated something else we haven't posted yet - and it's really cool, too. ALL THIS PLUS $100 CASH! Plus she's bidding! Eegads, you Cunninghams rock! Thanks so much for everything, including this primo Lego set! This is a big one, with 575 pieces, made for kids aged eight to 14. It’s called Ninjagq, Masters of Spinjitzu, and it’s very, very cool.


1908 NEWFOUNDLAND COIN. The Newfoundland fifty cent piece was the last denomination to be added to the Victorian coinage. Its first year of issue was 1870. The laureate portrait is stylistically unlike anything used for the rest of British North America. The denomination became very popular and assumed importance after the failure of the Commercial and Union Banks of Newfoundland during the financial crisis of 1894. This beautiful old coin features King Edward VII on the back, and was kindly donated by Jeff Bentley. If you’re from Newfoundland, or know someone who is, start bidding!


SCENTSY REIMAGINE WARMER. Scentsy always has a lot of popular warmers, but this Reimagine one was out of the ballpark! Adult colouring is a new trend and, along with all the colouring books and arts & crafts that adults have, Scentsy has offered up this amazing colouring warmer. Use your imagination and grab some Sharpies (included) because the adventure is about to begin. It’s a great gift for teens, too, because they can use the colours that match their rooms. Thanks to Scentsy rep Melissa Solowoniuk for this donation, which not only includes a set of Sharpies, but THREE packs of wax melts: Autumn Blaze Maple, Simply Vanilla and Cider Mill. Awesome! For more information about Scentsy, contact Melissa at 780-201-3383, visit her Scentsy page or find her on Facebook:


CRAZY CAT LADY BABY JESUS TUXEDO ESPRESSO CUP. The Bohemian Cat House in Vermont has a whole bunch of cats - all of them with pretty unusual names. But probably none so unusual as Baby Jesus, a sweet little tuxedo cat! (That’s honestly his name.) This espresso cup is handmade in the Bohemian Cat House. It's hand thrown on the potters wheel, hand glazed & the images are hand printed. Enjoy your coffee with Baby Jesus and start your day with a smile. Microwavable and dishwasher safe. Being an espresso cup, this little mug is VERY small. We posed it with a medium-sized coffee cup from Tim Horton’s, so you have some idea of scale. Chris Hudson and Shelly Hail, owners of Crazy Cat Lady, have been in the ceramics world for more than 15 years. They are a traditional ceramics company and make everything by hand the old-fashioned way. They have donated SIX espresso cups to this auction and they sell for $38.13 EACH in their highly popular Etsy shop. Thanks Chris and Shelly! For more information, visit their Etsy shop or find them on Facebook:


IRON RIVER RANCH SLEIGH RIDE. OMIGAWD, WE’RE SO EXCITED!  Erin Schaub from Iron River Ranch just messaged us to donate a Sleigh Ride OR Wagon Ride, as well as a bon fire for up to 10 people! This all will happen at the ranch any time in the new year - so you could do a sleigh ride in the winter or a wagon ride in the winter. Any time during 2017! Erin says this package is worth at least $200! Isn’t that a fabulous gift? Can you imagine taking your whole family out for the afternoon? Or your staff? We’re so excited about this! Thanks, Erin! For more information, visit the Iron River Ranch Facebook page:


MONOPOLY MUGS. Love Monopoly? If so, you’re going to LOVE this super-de-duper cute “Home & Away” set. It features a ceramic mug all decked out in Monopoly money, an eco-friendly travel mug AND some Chocolate Caramel Cookie flavoured ground coffee! (And doesn’t THAT sound like it’s better than Free Parking!) You don’t need to pay Luxury Tax to get hold of this Community Chest, but we guarantee you’ll be doing the Water Works thing if you don’t win the bid! Don’t Go to Jail, take a Chance! Donated by Cathy Olliffe-Webster.


FELTED TOTE & CHANGE PURSE. Okay, so this is something you don’t see every day. Leanna Scherr made and donated this truly beautiful knitted tote in dark, heathery green with cream trim. It even has a matching change purse that would fit your change, your bills, even your credit cards! So cute! Made from 100% wool, this unique set is dry clean only. For someone who appreciates handmade, one-of-a-kind items, this would be the perfect gift.