Monday, December 28, 2015


DOG BREED POSTER BY NIGEL HOOD. Love dogs? Of COURSE you do! If you’re bidding on items from the Humane Society Online Auction, you Must Love Dogs! Knowing that, artist Nigel Hood of Edmonton has created a cream-coloured poster featuring every dog breed you can possibly think of. This unique 15” x 22” screen print features 100 different dog breeds, none of which are identified. Can you imagine the fun your family will have trying to figure out which picture is which? The print comes unframed, so you can frame it any way you like. It would look fantastic hanging in your family room, or your child’s bedroom, and what better gift for a confirmed dog lover? Nigel donated three of his prints to our auction – each of them sell for $40 in this Etsy shop. To see more of Nigel’s work, visit: Thanks Nigel!

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