Sunday, January 8, 2017


LEGO SET. We would like to thank Jackie Cunningham and her family for donating this totally rad Lego set! Not only did the Cunninghams donate this item, they also donated something else we haven't posted yet - and it's really cool, too. ALL THIS PLUS $100 CASH! Plus she's bidding! Eegads, you Cunninghams rock! Thanks so much for everything, including this primo Lego set! This is a big one, with 575 pieces, made for kids aged eight to 14. It’s called Ninjagq, Masters of Spinjitzu, and it’s very, very cool.


1908 NEWFOUNDLAND COIN. The Newfoundland fifty cent piece was the last denomination to be added to the Victorian coinage. Its first year of issue was 1870. The laureate portrait is stylistically unlike anything used for the rest of British North America. The denomination became very popular and assumed importance after the failure of the Commercial and Union Banks of Newfoundland during the financial crisis of 1894. This beautiful old coin features King Edward VII on the back, and was kindly donated by Jeff Bentley. If you’re from Newfoundland, or know someone who is, start bidding!


SCENTSY REIMAGINE WARMER. Scentsy always has a lot of popular warmers, but this Reimagine one was out of the ballpark! Adult colouring is a new trend and, along with all the colouring books and arts & crafts that adults have, Scentsy has offered up this amazing colouring warmer. Use your imagination and grab some Sharpies (included) because the adventure is about to begin. It’s a great gift for teens, too, because they can use the colours that match their rooms. Thanks to Scentsy rep Melissa Solowoniuk for this donation, which not only includes a set of Sharpies, but THREE packs of wax melts: Autumn Blaze Maple, Simply Vanilla and Cider Mill. Awesome! For more information about Scentsy, contact Melissa at 780-201-3383, visit her Scentsy page or find her on Facebook:


CRAZY CAT LADY BABY JESUS TUXEDO ESPRESSO CUP. The Bohemian Cat House in Vermont has a whole bunch of cats - all of them with pretty unusual names. But probably none so unusual as Baby Jesus, a sweet little tuxedo cat! (That’s honestly his name.) This espresso cup is handmade in the Bohemian Cat House. It's hand thrown on the potters wheel, hand glazed & the images are hand printed. Enjoy your coffee with Baby Jesus and start your day with a smile. Microwavable and dishwasher safe. Being an espresso cup, this little mug is VERY small. We posed it with a medium-sized coffee cup from Tim Horton’s, so you have some idea of scale. Chris Hudson and Shelly Hail, owners of Crazy Cat Lady, have been in the ceramics world for more than 15 years. They are a traditional ceramics company and make everything by hand the old-fashioned way. They have donated SIX espresso cups to this auction and they sell for $38.13 EACH in their highly popular Etsy shop. Thanks Chris and Shelly! For more information, visit their Etsy shop or find them on Facebook:


IRON RIVER RANCH SLEIGH RIDE. OMIGAWD, WE’RE SO EXCITED!  Erin Schaub from Iron River Ranch just messaged us to donate a Sleigh Ride OR Wagon Ride, as well as a bon fire for up to 10 people! This all will happen at the ranch any time in the new year - so you could do a sleigh ride in the winter or a wagon ride in the winter. Any time during 2017! Erin says this package is worth at least $200! Isn’t that a fabulous gift? Can you imagine taking your whole family out for the afternoon? Or your staff? We’re so excited about this! Thanks, Erin! For more information, visit the Iron River Ranch Facebook page:


MONOPOLY MUGS. Love Monopoly? If so, you’re going to LOVE this super-de-duper cute “Home & Away” set. It features a ceramic mug all decked out in Monopoly money, an eco-friendly travel mug AND some Chocolate Caramel Cookie flavoured ground coffee! (And doesn’t THAT sound like it’s better than Free Parking!) You don’t need to pay Luxury Tax to get hold of this Community Chest, but we guarantee you’ll be doing the Water Works thing if you don’t win the bid! Don’t Go to Jail, take a Chance! Donated by Cathy Olliffe-Webster.


FELTED TOTE & CHANGE PURSE. Okay, so this is something you don’t see every day. Leanna Scherr made and donated this truly beautiful knitted tote in dark, heathery green with cream trim. It even has a matching change purse that would fit your change, your bills, even your credit cards! So cute! Made from 100% wool, this unique set is dry clean only. For someone who appreciates handmade, one-of-a-kind items, this would be the perfect gift.


LOVE LIVES HERE WOODEN SIGN. Thanks to East 18 Decor for dropping off this great big wooden sign sweetly emblazoned with “love lives here.” This would look perfect above your fireplace, or hanging above the couch in the family room - preferably somewhere the kids aren’t fighting or the husband isn’t sulking or the cat hasn’t thrown up. Which is not your house, we’re sure ...  This is a gorgeous sign, 22” x 16” in size. So classy. So well made. Thanks East 18! For more information, visit East 18 Decor on Facebook:


PAWPRINT ORNAMENT. Maureen Thurrott and Jackie Ferguson are regulars at the Lakeland Humane Society. They’re often here walking dogs and socializing cats, and they’re always happy to sell raffle tickets for us in the spring and at Christmas time. They’re also very talented stained glass artists, and they made several ornaments/window decorations in the shape of pawprints, and they’ve been selling them to raise money for us. (Thank you!) They’ve also donated a couple to this auction. As you can see, they’re really cute, with creamsicle coloured glass and pawprint-adorned ribbon. Thanks Maureen and Jackie!


INFINITE REFLECTION SILVER CARRIAGE LANTERN. Silvertone metal frame with reflective glass panels, 16.5 inches tall! Holds two Starlight Night Signature 3-wick candles, also included. This lantern was on the cover of the 2016 PartyLite Fall Catalogue and it was so popular, that it SOLD OUT. It looks so elegant on any fireplace mantel or sideboard, and would make a stunningly glamorous gift to anyone on your Christmas list. Original price of the lantern was $150, and the candles are $20 each. Donated by PartyLite rep Cathy Olliffe-Webster or find her on Facebook:


CAT LOVER TEDDY BEAR. This cuddly, soft little teddy bear is wearing a necklace that any kitty-cat lovers will adore. It’s a child’s necklace, and it features a plastic purple kitty with a turquoise hat and a pretty matching collar. This kitty has the longest eyelashes and the sweetest smile! Thanks to Alex Fuyarchuk Fitch of Alex’s Little Treasures for her donation. For more information about Alex, call 780-545-0545 or find her on Facebook: You can also catch her at her next craft & vendor show - it’s called In the Nick of Time and it will be at Tri-City Mall on Sat., Dec. 17.


GLASS TREE ORNAMENTS. Big kudos to Belinda Pefanis, of Belinda’s Glass Studio in Calgary. She was SO generous to us! Among her many donations was this collection of four Christmas tree ornaments featuring - Christmas trees! Belinda makes them all in her kiln in her basement, and everything she creates is colourful, whimsical and fun. Thanks for everything, Belinda! For more information about Belinda’s Glass Studio, visit her Etsy shop:


I LIKE DOGS MUG. No one makes mugs like Kathy Weller. She’s an artist/illustrator from Massachusetts, U.S.A., who uses colour in the most extraordinary ways. She puts her gorgeous, inspirational messages on mugs and she sells thousands of them all over the world. We’re so honoured that she has donated one of her mugs to the Lakeland Humane Society. She describes this one as: “Must like dogs in order to talk to me. Send this message every time you use this mug. The dog people will GET you and you'll have a nice moment chatting with them! The non-dog people will stay away, FAR away. THAT'S a GOOD thing.” This is a high-quality white ceramic mug, dishwasher and microwave safe. The graphic is printed on both sides of the mug, equality for both lefties and righties. Professionally printed, safely packaged and carefully shipped. For more information, visit Kathy’s Etsy shop or find her on Facebook:


BAKING BY BONITA. If you haven’t heard of Bonita Jacob and her Facebook page “Baking by Bonita,” you are obviously new to Cold Lake! Bonita is absolutely famous for her baking - everything from pies and cakes to cookies and bannock - and if you’ve never tried her meat pies, you are really missing out. Lucky us, she has donated a small cookie tray, a medium cookie tray AND a pie - any kind of pie you want - to this auction. Is that awesome, or what? We went to a bake sale of hers once and emptied our wallets on all sorts of truly delicious home baking. So why slave over a hot stove this holiday season, when you can win this yummy item! For more information, visit Bonita’s Facebook page:


THIRTY-ONE NAVY UTILITY TOTE. This big blue utility tote will have you totally organized this winter. OK, so maybe not TOTALLY organized - after all, this bag can’t do anything about your desk, your car, your teenager’s bedroom, or the inside of your fridge. However, with all its roomy pockets and tough exterior, it is exactly the bag that can get you through work, school and life without breaking a sweat. Very kindly donated by Kayla Price, independent consultant with Thirty-One. You can find out more about all the fabulous totes and purses and home decor Thirty-One offers by visit  Thanks, Kayla!


1854 BANK OF UPPER CANADA PENNY TOKEN. The Bank of Upper Canada was established in 1821 in York (Toronto, Ontario) under a charter granted by the Province of Upper Canada in 1819. When Upper and Lower Canada were united in 1841 to form the Province of Canada, it was decided that only the bank that held the government accounts should have the right to issue copper tokens. This privilege was enjoyed by the Bank of Montreal until 1848. Following the passage of the Rebellion Losses Bill in 1849, rioting in Montreal led to the destruction of the legislative buildings and the capital of the province was transferred to Toronto. As a result, the right to issue tokens passed to the Bank of Upper Canada. Between 1850 and 1857 the Bank of Upper Canada issued a series of handsome penny and halfpenny copper tokens. The obverse of a penny token issued in 1850 is shown and features a St. George and the dragon motif encircled by the legend BANK OF UPPER CANADA and the date. The St. George motif was designed by Benedetto Pistrucci for the British sovereign of 1817 and is considered to be the definitive representation of the theme. The token is about the size of a Canadian silver dollar and is part of the National Currency Collection, Bank of Canada. Although we have no minimum bidding in this auction, donator Jeff Bentley highly suggests bidding start at $50 for this very valuable old coin.


MAGICAL UNICORN CHILD’S HAT. We know SO many children who are going to go bananas over this gorgeous handmade unicorn hat. And it’s not just a hat - it’s also got a built-in scarf with pockets, not to mention that fabulous pink horn on top, and gloriously lush mane! Made and donated by Karen Lynn of Below Zero Hand Knits, this warm, wooly beauty was specially made for the Lakeland Humane Society auction. Karen spent a LOT of money just on the yarn, and she devoted hours to the knitting. The result? A one-of-a-kind, very special gift for any child who loves unicorns and all the magic they possess. Is this hat really magic? You’ll have to try it on to find out ... For more information, visit Karen’s Facebook page:


ZIBU DESIGNS HANDMADE TEA/ESPRESSO CUP AND SAUCER. Very elegant green tea cup and saucer that was handmade for tea time, morning, and friendly quiet moments. It’s not big - the dimensions are h=2 " (5cm) x opening d= 3"=(7.6cm) base d=1.25"= (3cm). - but it is beautiful. Nathalie of Zibu Designs in Montreal, Quebec, is a thoughtful, creative artist who has been working with art and design for the last 15 years. She says, “I started doing coffee cups for my husband, who’s very particular with coffee. He has his morning ritual and it involves special cup and saucer sets.” The colour of this set is what draws the eye - so richly green. Due to the nature of handmade ceramic and glaze, imperfections will occur, adding to the distinctive appearance - and the colours may look slightly different than shown on your computer screen. Care: all materials used are non-toxic. Dishwasher and microwave safe. As for the name of the business, Zibu Designs, Zibu refers to the family dog! For more information, visit

Friday, January 6, 2017


EPICURE RECTANGULAR STEAMER. Cook healthy meals, side dishes, and even dessert in minutes. Made of 100% food-grade (FDA) silicone, the Rectangular Steamer is non-stick and easy to clean. Prep, season, and cook chicken and fish fillets, ground meats, and vegetables. Make oatmeal, bread, fajitas, popcorn, cakes, fruit compote, and more. Volume: 3.5 cups for 1-2 servings. Dimensions: 10.5 inches by 5.25 inches. Wash before initial use. Do not use abrasive cleansers or scouring pads. Do not use cooking spray, as it will void the product warranty. Thanks to Epicure Independent Consultant Christina Stone for the donation! For more information, contact Christina at 780-573-6442, or visit her website:


SKULLS SALT & PEPPER SET. Isn’t this what everyone wants on their holiday table? Skulls are SO festive! Maybe put little Santa hats on their bony heads for that extra Christmassy touch! These cute lil fellahs are about three inches tall. They’re both ceramic - one is white and one has a shiny metallic glaze. They’re absolutely adorable, don’t you think? :) (Donated by Cathy Olliffe-Webster.)


RESCUE DOG PILLOW COVER. You know what’s amazing? That people all over the world - literally - donate items to this auction. This pillow cover, which proudly states “A house is not a home without a rescue dog,” is a perfect example. Patricia Davis is the owner of Stick and Patti, an Etsy shop based out of Washington. When we contacted her about this auction, she didn’t hesitate. “ABSOLUTELY I will donate a pillow for your auction,” she wrote.  “I am a huge animal lover and support and appreciate the work wonderful people, like you, do every day.” Awww. So nice! Each of Patti’s pillows are carefully printed with the latest in digital fabric printing to produce crisp, beautiful, images with vibrant color. This process actually dyes the fabric, so image will not crack, peel, or wear off. The pillow cover was lovingly sewn with a faux linen blend cloth (chosen for great print quality, softness and durability), with a hidden zipper, to ensure a high quality pillow that will last forever. For more information about Stick and Patti, visit


BLISS BASKET. Bliss Lingerie has got to be the hottest ticket in town this Christmas! Why? Because everything in this downtown boutique is guaranteed to make you look absolutely “hot!” Lingerie, undergarments for women and men, swimsuits, and bras to fit every size under the sun – it’s all there! Talk about a perfect place to buy something special for the one you love! Speaking of something special, here’s a basket that’s small but mighty – it contains a gift certificate valued at $100, a bottle of fancy perfume, and a red ruffle thong, all wrapped up in a very pretty gift-wrapped box. For more information, drop by the store at 5010 50th Avenue in Cold Lake, call 780-594-6767, e-mail, or find them on Facebook:


2014 $10 WOLF & NORTHERN LIGHTS PURE SILVER PROOF. Superbly crafted by Royal Canadian Mint master engravers using a variety of engraving techniques and finishes, and enhanced with colour to bring this stunning Arctic image to life. Own a piece of Canada’s north, beautifully captured in one-half ounce of 99.99% pure silver. An excellent addition to any nature and wildlife focused, northern, or Canadiana collection. A beautiful gift or collectible for those who love Canada’s north. This coin, donated by Jeff Bentley, features an evocative image of a wolf howling beneath the aurora borealis. The stunning Northern lights burst forth in carefully painted glory. The scene is reflected in the water below, doubling the image and energy of the superb artistry of the engravers. This coin is far, far more valuable than its 10 dollar denomination, and Jeff says the bidding should start at $50.


PLAYING CARD HOLDER. Are you one of those people who just can’t seem to hold their cards without a) dumping them all on the floor a la 52 Pickup, or b) inadvertently showing them to your neighbour? HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED! It’s a card holder! You use it the next time you play poker or euchre or rummy or Old Maid - heck, you could probably even use it when you’ve had too many cold ones and you’re bumbling through Cards Against Humanity! Perfection! Thanks to Cam Ellik, who does all creates all kinds of woodworking products and crafts out of his Cold Lake home. For more information, call 780-594-0911, or 780-573-6837.