Monday, December 28, 2015


SEA LUXE BATH COLLECTION. This dazzling collection of spa bath products has been donated by Tanis of the Sea Salt Company in South Surrey, B.C. The collection includes: Beach Glass Soap - If you want to soak in the beach when you’re at home, this beach glass soap is a must have! Identical to sand-etched beach glass you find while hunting for treasures along the coast, this soap is scented with Mermaid’s Breath fragrance and sweetened with coconut oil, and will have you looking, feeling and smelling great; Ocean Flora - this is a gentle exfoliate from the sea with salts and seaweed, and a glycerin and shea butter base to nourish and hydrate skin; Carpe Diem - seize the day and make every day extraordinary with this luxurious exfoliating body bar made with shea butter, clay and ground loofa; Ocean Goddess Deep Sea Bath Tea - relax as the pure and natural Himalayan and Dead Sea salts rejuvenate your body, relax tense muscles and relieve stress; Popeye Candle: Just the thing to make bathtime even more fun, this 4 oz. pine needle and fir candle comes in a rustic tin with lid. For more info, visit:

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