Tuesday, October 3, 2017


 As I write this, on Oct. 3, 2017, the Lakeland Humane Society Shelter is seriously overcrowded - perhaps as crowded with homeless cats and dogs as it has ever been since it was founded in 1999.

Eighty cats are packed into a space that normally accommodates 25 - every single room of the shelter has several cats in portable kennels. The dog kennels are overcrowded as well - there literally isn't any more "room at the inn." The animals keep coming in and somehow LHS finds a way to provide them with warmth, medical care, food, and love.

Every cat and dog that comes to LHS is spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and made as healthy as possible before they are put up for adoption. This is a shelter where every animal has a home for as long as it takes until they find their furever family. No time limits are placed on these precious lives.

Pets are adopted at low prices that don't even cover the cost of spaying or neutering, never mind anything else. All this work is done courtesy of the goodwill of people who donate to the Lakeland Humane Society. Without them, and without fundraising events like the annual Shoppa-Paw-Looza Online Aucton, we wouldn't be able to help 600+ animals every year. Our vet bills alone are approximately $55,000 every year.

Good news, though: LHS is getting closer to being able to build a desperately needed new shelter. Not only do we need a bigger shelter, but our current one is hopelessly outdated and beyond repair.

Last year we raised nearly $15,000 through Shoppa-Paw-Looza, but we're hoping 2017's version will be twice as successful.

Because we're not running a gala this February (for a variety of reasons, including the economy and increased competition from other galas), we're hoping all the people who usually donate to the gala's silent auction will instead generously donate to Shoppa-Paw-Looza.

The Shoppa-Paw-Looza Online Auction (which takes place on Facebook) begins Nov. 30, 2017 and will carry on until all items are auctioned off - it could last five days or more!

Any and all NEW items are welcome! Businesses are encouraged to donate items that will appeal to a wide range of holiday shoppers. Individuals are encouraged to buy/make items that shoppers can't resist!

I sincerely hope you find it in your heart to help the hundreds and hundreds of homeless pets who need our help. Please help us make this year's Shoppa-Paw-Looza the BEST auction EVER!

             - Cathy Olliffe-Webster, Online Auction Organizer. 

P.S. - Just to be clear, all the items on this blog were sold last year and the year before. You'll have to wait until November to see what's in store this year!

All donations may be dropped off at the Lakeland Humane Society, 6220 50th Ave. in Cold Lake, Alberta. If you can't drop them off, please call us at 780-594-1896 and we'll come pick them up!

You can also mail or courier your items: Lakeland Humane Society, PO Box 202, 6220 50th Ave., Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada, T9M 1P1.

For more information about Lakeland Humane Society:

Website: http://www.lakelandhumanesociety.org/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lakelandhumane/

Last year's auction page: https://www.facebook.com/events/671847489659872/?active_tab=discussion

 Mission Statement

In cooperation with local communities, the Lakeland Humane Society provides a safe haven for animals, while promoting responsible pet ownership, a concern for animal welfare, a compassion for all living things and their environment, and a commitment to make a difference.


The Lakeland Humane Society operates independently of all other animal organizations and humane societies. We are members of the Alberta SPCA and the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies.

The Alberta SPCA does not operate an animal shelter but does enforce the animal protection laws in the areas of Alberta other than Edmonton and Calgary. The Lakeland Humane Society does not have the right to enforce laws so all complaints are forwarded to the Alberta SPCA or the RCMP.

Canadian Federation of Humane Societies acts as an information source to many of the humane societies across Canada.

The City of Cold Lake, MD of Bonnyville No. 87 and the Village of Pierceland are responsible for Animal Control. This includes picking up strays and answering domestic animal complaints. The Lakeland Humane Society is not responsible for Animal Control.

Please be aware that the Lakeland Humane Society does not receive any part of donations or funding sent to these organizations.


WELCOME COLLAGE. Love this! It’s such a modern way of saying “Welcome!” This matted, framed photo collage features super arty and chic black and white photos, each with a letter in it - put together, they say a warm welcome to all guests in your home! Very well framed, behind glass, this is a quality item. Again, I apologize, I don’t know who donated this item, but I appreciate their generosity very much.


EVERY DAY IS A GIFT SIGN. Isn’t that just the truth? This homey, folk-art style sign has the words “Everyday is a Gift” in swirling script. It’s nicely matted in a brown and gold-toned frame, and would look perfect in anyone’s family room. It’s approximately three feet wide and 8 inches deep. Thanks to whoever donated this! We have so many items that just arrived - if you let us know who you are in the comments, we can thank you properly!


EMBROIDERED TEA TOWELS. I know so many kitchen buffs who would absolutely love these embroidered tea towels from Cassandra Newton of the Funky Butt’n. The white one has an embroidered expression that says “Bakers Gonna Bake,” and the green one has a sassy cupcake that’s saying, “Bite me!” There’s a plasticized backing on the back (!) of the towels that will disappear upon first washing. Thanks, Cassandra! For more information, find the Funky Butt’n on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheFunkyButtn/ or visit the shop at 5015C 50th Ave. in Cold Lake. Or you can call (780) 594-3611.


GROCERIES FROM LORRAINE’S NO FRILLS. If you’re anything like me, you may have some of your holiday gift shopping done, but I bet you still have LOADS of grocery shopping to do! The turkey! The ham! The cranberries! The ingredients for Yellow Jellied Salad (Ok, maybe that’s just a me thing ...) Whatever it is you need, Lorraine’s No Frills is making life a little easier with a gift certificate for $150! So just think - you’re buying groceries AND you’re donating to the Humane Society at the same time! What an awesome deal that is! Almost as awesome as my Yellow Jellied Salad! For more information about Lorraine’s No Frills, visit the store at 5335 55 St, Cold Lake. (In fact, if you visit it right now, you can buy a raffle ticket at the front entranceway!) Lorraine is always a big supporter of the Humane Society - couldn’t look after animals without her!


FOR PET’S SAKE NAIL TRIMS. Thanks to Laura Eadon of For Pet’s Sake Small Dog Grooming for donating a stamp card worth THREE nail trims for your favourite wee pooch! (We assume this is only for doggies - although my nails really could use some love!) For Pet’s Sake is a home-based dog grooming salon in Cold Lake. For more information, call 403-613-8584 or find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/forpetssakecoldlake/


GREY HEADBAND & MITTENS SET. Here’s another cozy set from crochet/knitter/fitness instructor Jessica Taylor. This one is all grey - a very pretty, soft grey. So soft and warm. For more information, contact Jessica at 780-813-0780, fitness.taylord@gmail.com, or find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TAYLORd-Fitness-585002778228675/?fref=ts


SNOWMAN FAMILY DECORATION. Here’s a festive addition to your Christmas decor! This sweet snowman family is about three feet tall and features a gaggle of folk art style snowfolk in all sizes, perched on a stump. If you look closely on the stump, you’ll see some other forest creatures! It’s not wood, but it’s made to look that way, and it’s surprisingly light. Again, we’re not sure who donated this holiday treat, but we’re very grateful!


HEADBAND & MITTENS SET. Here’s another cozy set from crochet/knitter/fitness instructor Jessica Taylor. This one is mostly the softest dove grey, trimmed with winter white. So pretty. For more information, contact Jessica at 780-813-0780, fitness.taylord@gmail.com, or find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TAYLORd-Fitness-585002778228675/?fref=ts


SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS DRINKWARE SET. Apparently there are a few Roughriders fans around here? LOL! This premium quality drinkware set includes a shot glass, a coffee mug and a glass (it COULD be a beer mug, but we can’t tell for sure without opening it!), all bearing the famous Saskatchewan Roughriders logo. Have no idea what I’m talking about? The Saskatchewan Roughriders are a professional Canadian football team based in Regina, Saskatchewan. The Roughriders play in the West Division of the Canadian Football League and were founded in 1910 as the Regina Rugby Club. So there ya go.


ROSEBERRY WORKSHOP MUSICAL JEWELRY BOX. This is so special. Amy at Roseberry Workshop has created a one-of-a-kind, vintage-styled “dresser” for all your jewellery and special trinkets. It’s about a foot tall, has four pull-out drawers (decorated with stressed vintage-like lavender prints), and the bottom drawer is set up with velvet rows for your ring. There’s a mirror on the outside with a gorgeous handle (all the handles are truly gorgeous), and when you open that door, there’s a rotating wheel to hang all your necklaces so they don’t tangle. There’s even a mirror at the back to show everything off! Best of all, the box is musical - there’s a wind-up at the back that plays “Where Do I Begin,” the theme song from the classic tear-jerking movie Love Story. Absolutely stunning in every way. Thanks so much, Amy! For more information about Roseberry Workshop, visit Amy’s website http://www.roseberryworkshop.com/ or find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roseberryworkshop/


POTTERY NECKLACE. No, it’s not a pot hung around your neck - it’s actually a very delicate, very pretty handmade pottery piece created by Joy Clarke, potter/ artisan/instructor at Pots O’Joy Pottery Studio. The piece is in rich tones of blue, green, brick red and white, and it’s signed on the back by Joy. It’s o set by several jewel-toned beads and strung on an earthy brown, adjustable string. So pretty. Thanks Joy! For more information, call 780-826-1680 or e-mail potsojoy@telusplanet.net


PARTYLITE PUMPKIN WARMER, SIGNATURE CANDLE AND A BIG BASKET OF WAX. Wowsers! Thanks to Fawn Martin for donating this huge gift bag of loveliness! Let’s start off with a Scentglow Glowing Pumpkin Diffuser. Celebrate that famous and delicious fruit (or is it a vegetable?) with a cheerful sculpted pumpkin shape and housewarming scent. Porcelain electric warmer radiates a soft glow while releasing the fragrance of Scent Plus Melts placed in the ceramic warmer dish. White cord. 51⁄4"h 13 cm h, 51⁄2"w 14 cm w. But that’s not all! Fawn has also included one of PartyLite’s newest and bestselling items, a Signature 3-Wick Jar Candle in “Winter Berries” fragrance. These candles last for 25 hours or more, and they’ll fill your home with the good smells of Christmas. But wait, there’s more! Fawn has also included TWO Colour-Changing Candle Bases. Make your GloLite candle or pillar candle or hurricane lantern even more amazing! Place base under a GloLite pillar or jar for a continuous, colour-changing display. Uses three AAA batteries, not included. On/off switch. 41⁄2"diam 11 cm diam, 3⁄4"h 2 cm h. AND, on top of all these goodies, Fawn has included EIGHT packages of wax ScentPlus Melts that can be used in your pumpkin warmer, or any warmer you have (including Scentsy brands). There are three Fig Tree melts, two Spiced Cognac melts, a Holiday Spice melt, an Iced Snowberries melt and a Cinnamon Sparkle melt! FANTASTIC! Thanks so much, Fawn! For more information, please contact PartyLite Consultant Fawn Martin at 780-812-5199, or visit her website www.partylite.biz/fawnmartin or find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fawn.leaming


MERRY CHRISTMAS SIGN & MASON JAR. Here are two very pretty decorations for your Yuletide celebration. We’re not sure who dropped off this beautiful set (let us know in the comments), but we’re very grateful. The wooden Merry Christmas sign is set off with a pretty poinsettia, and the mason jar is decorated with a deer and a pretty red ribbon. Is that a reindeer? Is it Rudolph? Are those tiny hoof prints I’m hearing on the roof right now? (So excited!) Thank you so much for this beautiful donation and, as the sign says, Merry Christmas!


FRILLY PINK SCARF. Isn’t this just the prettiest, most feminine scarf you’ve ever seen? Jen Noseworthy of Kirastorm Designs donated this delicate crocheted beauty, and it would look amazing with a jean jacket, or a fancy party dress. Not to mention it will keep your throat toasty on these horrendously cold winter days! For more information about Kirastorm Designs, contact Jen at 639-840-2103, or find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kirastormdesigns/


KEEP COLLECTIVE NECKLACE FOR MOM. Alright guys - here’s an item you really should be bidding on - doesn’t the mother of your children deserve something pretty for Christmas? Besides that vacuum cleaner? Listen - you would be in her good books so fast if you bought this very, very pretty necklace from Keep Collective. It features a “Mom” charm, two very cute baby footprints in rose gold, and a glass pearl ... because isn’t your wife or your mom a pearl? Especially if she’s Minnie Pearl. :) Thanks to Desarae Gelinas, who is always a generous supporter of the Lakeland Humane Society, for her donation.


DISCOVERY TOYS HANDHELD TELESCOPE. Have any young adventurers on your Christmas list? Or maybe you just want your youngsters to get away from video games? Here’s a gift that can open up a child’s mind! It’s the Explore It! Handheld Telescope from Discovery Toys. This hand held scope offers 12x magnification and is equipped with optical lens for crystal clear images. Slide the eyepiece tube in and out to adjust focus. 11”/ 28cm long when extended. For children five and up. For more information about Discovery Toys, contact ValMarie Braun at 780-639-3331, braun.101@hotmail.com, or visit her website: http://www.discoverytoys.com/pws/valmarie/tabs/pw-home.aspx#sthash.cVcfqRHN.hDOdVfqZ.dpbs


MEDIUM READING OR HOT STONE MASSAGE. Hmm, your pick! The winner of this bid can choose either a free mediumship reading or relaxing with a hot stone massage. If it was me, I couldn’t decide - I’d have to have both. Perhaps a reading while getting a massage? Just kidding! You will have to choose! Cindy says, “I do mediumship work in my home in Cold Lake North. I bring messages from your dead relatives and friends, they "talk" to me and give me messages to give to you. I feel so honored every time to be a part of such a profound experience.” Thanks to Cindy at Willowshore Healing for this cool donation. For more information, call 780-826-0283 or find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WillowshoreHealing/


CROSS CUTS DOGGIE STOCKING. Look at this big, bountiful, bow-wowey Christmas stocking, chock full of presents for your favourite pooch! And it’s not just toys and treats - this gorgeous stocking (which you will want to hang by your chimney with care year after year) also contains a gift certificate for a professional dog (or cat) grooming at Cross Cuts Styling! Now here’s something everyone should be barking about! For more information call (780) 594-6465, or drop by the shop at 3602 50 St # 1 in Cold Lake (across the road from Rona), or you can visit them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrossCuts5946465/


MADAME NADINE NECKLACE. Now THIS is a success story. Madame Nadine Jewelry is becoming an institution, not only in Cold Lake, but around the world. Nadine’s unique, beautiful - nay, stunning - necklaces have taken the world by storm, and she has provided many, many celebrities with the accessories they need to look great on the red carpet. But it’s not just famous people who love her work - anybody who needs to dress up for any occasion, whether it be a wedding or a gala will discover Madame Nadine has the perfect finishing touch. So baroque. So drop- dead gorgeous. Thanks for always being such a tremendous supporter of the Humane Society, Nadine. For more information, visit her Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/madamenadine or find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JewelryByNadineF/


VETERINARIAN DOLL. We hear so many children at the shelter say they want to be a vet when they grow up. Well, here’s a doll that will encourage that beautiful dream! This My Life doll was a recent Doll of the Year and she is all dressed up in her doctor scrubs and stethoscope. The set features everything you need to set up your own “clinic,” including an X-Ray machine that lights up and three cuddly “clients.” We are so appreciative of this wonderful donation! Again, we wish we knew who some of our donors are - but they just happily drop off items and disappear again. So thank you! To all of you!


COLLECTOR PLATE SERIES. The following five collector plates are all from the same series featuring artwork by Lena Liu. First, second, third, fourth, and sixth plates are here, all in excellent condition. Please bid on these items as one set. Not for food use. Donated anonymously. 

“Morning Serenade” is the first issue in the Nature’s Poetry series. Dated 1989. Plate # 14157C from Bradex and WJ George Fine China.
“Nature’s Harmony” is the second issue in the Nature’s Poetry series. Dated 1989. Plate # 7533C from Bradex and WJ George Fine China.
“Tender Lullaby” is the third issue in the Nature’s Poetry series. Dated 1990. Plate # 589C from Bradex and WJ George Fine China.
“Song of Promise” is the fourth issue in the Nature’s Poetry series. Dated 1990. Plate # 4073 C from Bradex and WJ George Fine China.
“Morning Chorus” is the sixth issue in the Nature’s Poetry series. Dated 1990. Plate # 2922B from Bradex and WJ George Fine China.


REFLECTIONS COLLECTOR PLATE. Kittens are kittens, no matter what kind they are! These two curious kitties star in “Reflections,” by Charles Fracé, the first issue in the collection entitled “Wild Innocents.” Plate #1040B, dated 1993. Excellent condition. Not for food use. Donated anonymously.


THE BALD EAGLE COLLECTOR PLATE. This plate does have a sizeable chip on the bottom, which negates some of its value. Featuring a gorgeous Bald Eagle (thus the name), this is Plate # 8H by Daniel Smith, first issue in The Majestic Birds series sponsored by the Society for the Preservation of Birds of Prey. Dated 1988. Not for food use. Donated anonymously.


DISCOVERY TOYS BLOOM. Big thanks to ValMarie Braun, a Discovery Toy Consultant in the Cold Lake area. ValMarie donated a whole bunch of top quality, very popular Discovery Toys to the auction, including “Bloom.” Designed for kids one year and older, Bloom lets kids twist the blocks to form a flower or a colourful pyramid, or even a shining star! Produced with beech wood harvested from sustainable forests and painted with safe, non-toxic water- based dyes. For more information about Discovery Toys, contact ValMarie Braun at 780-639-3331, braun.101@hotmail.com, or visit her website: http://www.discoverytoys.com/pws/valmarie/tabs/pw-


GLASS HORS-D’OEUVRES SET. This trio of glass “horse dover” plates are so pretty! They’re perfect for special occasions when you want to showcase little munchies, homemade pickles, candies, or any condiments. They’re extra sophisticated with their wavy glass design and Paris postmark and, best thing of all, they’re dishwasher safe! This three piece set was purchased from Stokes specifically for this auction, and donated by Cathy Olliffe-Webster.


COLD LAKE AIR BEAR - DARK BLUE. Like all the animals at the shelter, this Air Bear is looking for a good home. He’s all ready to go, with his dark blue 4-Wing Cold Lake t-shirt, with the MFRCS/SCRFM logo on the sleeve. He’s baby soft and will make a any child - no matter how young or old - wanna squeeze him tight! Thanks to MFRC for the donation. For more information, visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/coldlake.mfrc/


QUILTED TOTE BAG. Don’t you love anything quilted? I’d wear quilted underwear if I could. This quilted tote by Heather McFarlane of Country Quilting is so bright and cheerful and so VERY well made. It’s big and roomy and has a pocket on each side. Lined on the inside with bright green fabric, it has more pockets on the inside, and it seals up with Velcro so nothing can escape. Really nice work, Mizz McFarlane! Thanks for this an all your kind donations! For more information about Country Quilting, call 780-594-4004, or email 2farlane@sasktel.net


FUNKY, FABULOUS HAT. That title pretty much says it all - almost! This hat also has the prettiest, sweetest little flower on it you ever did see. Which proves that no matter how cold it is outside, you can still look pretty as a posey when you’re wearing this lovely hat! Thanks to Barbara Hollis of Heartfelt Needlework for her kind donation. For more information about Barbara’s work, call 780-573-9793, or find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Heartfelt-Needlework-1524368111218155/?fref=ts


PAWPRINT ORNAMENT. Thanks to Jamie Murphy for donating this one-of-a- kind Christmas ornament made from birch. Jamie cuts, dries and wood burns each ornament, so the one you see here will look different than anyone else’s. Such a nice gift! And did you know it comes all the way from Newfoundland? At least that’s what their business card says! To find out more about Artwork by
Jamie Murphy, call 709-224-6206 or find him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1763984160500145/


1978 EDMONTON COMMONWEALTH COIN. This is a special silver coin created to commemorate the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton. What makes it even more special is the “lustre” it has. According to Jeff Bentley, who donated the coin, the lustre is caused by a natural chemical reaction in the coin itself and “makes it more sought after.”


1985 NATIONAL PARKS SILVER DOLLAR. The 100th anniversary of Canada’s National Parks is commemorated with this beautiful silver coin featuring a handsome moose against a wilderness background. The dollar coin contains 0.3750 oz of silver, and is a sovereign coin backed by the Canadian government. The back of the coin has a right-facing profile of Queen Elizabeth II, along with the year and face value. Thanks to Jeff Bentley for another fabulous donation!


2016 SILVER CANADIAN SUPERMAN $5 COIN. Look up! Up in the sky! It’s no bird or plane, it’s the Royal Canadian Mint’s latest Superman release, an exquisitely detailed coin featuring the most spectacular superhero to grace DC Comics. Superman has been hoisted to legendary hero status because of his well-known superhuman strength and fearlessness. Known as the most all-powerful being on the planet, his humility and prowess have stolen the hearts of children and adults around the world for decades. Donated by Jeff Bentley, this coin boasts two unique security features, one being a micro engraved maple leaf, and the other being radial lines on both the obverse and reverse sides of the coin.


DISCOVERY TOYS WORKING TRIO. Stack ‘em tall! Fill them all! Big to small! Bonus, you don’t need batteries for these stackable hippo trucks - they run on old-fashioned and fun friction power! Fabulous, sturdy toys for kids aged two and up. Thanks for the donation, ValMarie! For more information about Discovery Toys, contact ValMarie Braun at 780-639-3331, braun.101@hotmail.com, or visit her website: http://www.discoverytoys.com/pws/valmarie/tabs/pw-home.aspx#sthash.cVcfqRHN.hDOdVfqZ.dpbs


FINNEGAN THE BEAR. We’ve been seeing quite a few of these friendly bears here at the shelter and they are ALL looking for a new home! If you have a little person in your life - or a big person who loves teddy bears, you might want to bid on this soft, squeezeable fellow!


SOFT, FUZZY SCARF. Omigoodness, LOOK at this pretty scarf! Doesn’t that look incredibly soft? You should feel it. Really. Just run your finger over your phone - there, feel that? Amazing. You should bid on this. Right now! Whatcha waiting for? Get busy! Thanks to Barbara Hollis of Heartfelt Needlework for her kind donation. For more information about Barbara’s work, call 780-573-9793, or find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Heartfelt-Needlework-1524368111218155/?fref=ts


 QUILTED TABLE RUNNER. Omigosh, this is so beautiful. Again, my poor photography skills don’t do this piece justice. There is so much quality work in this piece and, no wonder, it’s done by Heather McFarlane of Country Quilting. This would look perfect on anyone’s dining room table, or on a co ee table - you could even have it mounted and hung like a tapestry on a wall - it’s that pretty. For more information about Country Quilting, call 780-594-4004, or email 2farlane@sasktel.net.


DISCOVERY TOYS SALAD CHEF. Local Discovery Toys consultant ValMarie Braun donated this toy and she says her granddaughter has become quite the “salad chef” since she got one for herself. ValMarie says she tosses up pretend salads on a regular basis, and everyone in the family seems to be a lot healthier as a result! This is a premium quality collection of wood salad ingredients painted with realistic detail. Children can mimic the healthy habits of the adults in their lives by pretending to chop, mix, and toss a green salad of their choice. The included activity guide features additional tips to foster healthy salad making for the family. For more information about Discovery Toys, contact ValMarie Braun at 780-639-3331, braun.101@hotmail.com, or visit her website: http://www.discoverytoys.com/pws/valmarie/tabs/pw-home.aspx#sthash.cVcfqRHN.hDOdVfqZ.dpbs


OIL CHANGE. Get your motor running with an oil change from Cold Lake Ford. Originally donated to a fundraiser at Holy Cross School, the winner hadn’t used it and instead decided to donate it to this auction! It’s worth up to $100, so don’t be going around with black oil in your truck - get it changed and help the Humane Society at the same time!


FUZZY FISH PILLOWCASES. I don’t know ... I think these are salmon. Are they salmon? My husband is a fishing addict, I should know these things. What I DO know is these two handmade pillowcases would look amazing in anyone’s family room, rec room, den, bedroom, kid’s room - pretty much any room. Except maybe the bathroom, but that’s up to you. Made by Heather McFarlane of Country Quilting, these are really super cute and would make an awesome Christmas prezzie. For more information about Country Quilting, call 780-594-4004, or email 2farlane@sasktel.net.


KEEP COLLECTIVE BRACELETS, BELIEVE & LOVE. These two beautiful bracelets hold extra special meaning at this time of year, and we appreciate our very good friend Desarae Gelinas who is always a generous supporter of the Lakeland Humane Society, for her generous donation.


ROCKY MOUNTAIN SOAP COMPANY GIFT SET. We all know someone who is constantly on the go and seems like they hardly take time to breathe. This set is lovingly packed with those folks in mind. Not only will these products foster a state of calm and peace, they're also natural and completely toxin-free. This absolutely stunning boxed set includes 100g Lavender Bath Salt Packet, a 5g Coconut Lip Butter, a 100 mL Tension Relief Spray, a 270 mL Lavender Bubble Bath, and a 270 mL Lemongrass Body Wash. So very, very lovely. As for the Rocky Mountain Soap Company, it is based in Canmore, Alberta (where Mike is from, you know, Mike From Canmore), and all products are only tested on the company owners - not on animals. (Which everyone at the Humane Society loves.) Thanks to the lovely anonymous person who donated this. Truly an inspired gift.


DISCOVERY TOYS BOOK & FRISBEE. Perfect gift! The frisbee-style toy gets kids of all ages outside for some fresh air, while the Flip the Flap & Find Out book “What Will I Be?” is perfect for when it’s really cold outside (like now) and all you want to do is curl up together under a warm blanket. The book was written by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Marc Boutavant, and the coolest thing about it - besides the beautifully bright illustrations an whimsical story, is that the pages flip open. Kids LOVE flip books, and they’re bound to love this special one as well. Thanks for the donation, ValMarie Braun! For more information about Discovery Toys, contact ValMarie Braun at 780-639-3331, braun.101@hotmail.com, or visit her website: http://www.discoverytoys.com/pws/valmarie/tabs/pw-home.aspx#sthash.cVcfqRHN.hDOdVfqZ.dpbs


CASSANDRA COLLECTOR DOLL. Isn’t she an absolute beauty? Marcella Dybaylo donated this pretty doll. Her name is Cassandra and she’s a Special Edition Fine Genuine Porcelain Doll from 2005, with a certificate of authenticity and a metal display stand. Handmade and hand-painted porcelain with high quality materials assembled with professional craftmanship. The plastic box has a little mark on it, but the doll itself is in excellent condition. Thanks, Marcella!