Sunday, December 27, 2015


ORANGE CAT CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT. We’re willing to bet there’s at least one orange cat in your life! Who doesn’t love their regal gingerness, their tangerine tabbiness, their … well, you get the idea. Check out this funky feline ornament, the purrfect gift for your favourite cat lover. It’s got a brand new contemporary fused design, 2” wide at the base, and 3.5” tall, and made by Lakeland Humane Society supporter Florence Niven of Niven Glass Originals in Kingston, ON. The glass pieces that make up this cute cat have been cut by Florence, layered and placed in a high temperature kiln just long enough to fuse the pieces together without losing the dimension of the glass. Thanks so much for donating this whimsical piece, Florence! To see more from Niven Glass Originals, visit:

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