Thursday, December 31, 2015


TRUCK LINER. Have a pick-up truck? Wait ... that's a silly question ... this is Alberta! Everybody has a pick-up truck! Better question is, do you have a pick-up truck with an unlined bed? Shield Linings & Coatings can help! They can turn the rustiest, most dented box into a thing of beauty; or, they can give your brand new pick-em-up protection that will last longer than the rest of your vehicle. They also coat bumpers, tool boxes - even motorcycles with busted fairings! Even better, Shield Linings & Coatings has donated a truck lining to Shop-a-paw-looza. Now's your chance to give your truck the loving it needs! For more info, visit their shop at 5510 56 St. in Cold Lake, or their FB page or call (780) 812-1264.

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