Friday, January 6, 2017


EPICURE RECTANGULAR STEAMER. Cook healthy meals, side dishes, and even dessert in minutes. Made of 100% food-grade (FDA) silicone, the Rectangular Steamer is non-stick and easy to clean. Prep, season, and cook chicken and fish fillets, ground meats, and vegetables. Make oatmeal, bread, fajitas, popcorn, cakes, fruit compote, and more. Volume: 3.5 cups for 1-2 servings. Dimensions: 10.5 inches by 5.25 inches. Wash before initial use. Do not use abrasive cleansers or scouring pads. Do not use cooking spray, as it will void the product warranty. Thanks to Epicure Independent Consultant Christina Stone for the donation! For more information, contact Christina at 780-573-6442, or visit her website:

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